Misogynists guide for arguing intellectually with Men


If you are a woman and believe yourself intellectual enough to hold a proper debate with men, you will have to read this.We don’t want you to commit a faux pas on our watch!

a) Accept the fact that your arguments will be reduced to two things
1. Your sexual escapades whether existing or non-existing
2. Your beauty or lack thereof.

b) . Forget track records. If you are educated, forget that too. You are simply an empty walking vessel with tits. And that is what they don’t tell you!That is what you will be reduced to. That is what the masses like

c)Never walk away from an argument that talks about your sexual past and your looks because this is self-defeatist. Yes, you, sit there and roll with the punches. tsk tsk

d) If you are a woman fortunate enough to sit at the table of ‘men’ you need facts to back your claims. So if you are arguing you need to throw in where you read that viewpoint from. Quote books and texts to show how intellectual you are. Use phrases like “according to a book by” or “according to a published report by” and see what happens. Your thoughts have to be aligned to these books don’t dare come up with a viewpoint that deviates from these reference points since you will not haveĀ  quotes. We don’t want you to behave like the majority of women who only use assumptions and insinuations.

e) If you cannot do the above, quote some man to legitimize your facts!

f) Be ready for the rape jokes if you are beautiful. Who could ever see a beautiful woman and not think of rape? who? Be prepared for the ‘grab them by the pussy’ lines and the ‘you just need someone to lay you good’ statements.

g) If you still can’t do that, let a man state what you are thinking and nod your head in agreement. Do not, I repeat do not be the first one to introduce a topic that woman have no business knowing, like heading a county/country. Unless there is a man to back you up.

h) Never complain about people viewing you as a set of tits and a beautiful face. After all, men face the same too when they are being elected to office. You don’t see them complaining. Yes, their ability to rule is based on the broadness of their shoulders and their handsome faces. Look around all men are like that.

i) Never bring up feminism or even the constitution because if you do the first thing they start attacking is your sexuality and general appearance. God forbid if you are not married or if you are not attractive enough.

j) Never listen to other intellectual women, they will either ensure you are pinned down by a low self-esteem, or piled with bile for men by their intellectualism. Meaning, they have nothing to offer you.

k) Never joke about your holidays, never be on the beach with a bikini. Why would you do that yet you want to be taken seriously? Don’t compare yourself to the middle-aged men with a beer belly and a teenage girlfriend on each arm. They can have time off from being intellectuals. Their play time is different from their CEO time, you don’t have that luxury.

l) If you become angry at the above sentiments you need to RELAX because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Well of course not you. You must live according to the guide book and must not ‘perform anger’. You must not be like people on the internet and throw your views around. Let the intellectuals tell you when you can state your views and how.

P.S The worst people are the ones who never speak out, the ones who lay silently in their beds and silently agree with misogyny. Those ones are the ones contributing to this guide. Watch them, watch yourself when with them and see how they convince you that the guide is the best thing for you.

If you haven’t gotten it already, this is a dig at the society we live in and a glorification of the women who choose to defy it!



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