Yes, Let’s kill all criminals

Because if we talk of reform we will be forced to talk about alternative forms of getting money. We will talk about youth unemployment. We will have to talk about our politicians robbing us blind and lord knows we do not care about politics!


A Good Man

This goes hand in hand with the book I am currently reading ‘Men who hate women and the women who Love them.’ There is so much hurt in relationships.
There are people out here who never see their faults. The fact that they are with you should be enough.
Now enjoy

On Becoming

“How could you be so fucking stupid? Have I not been good to you? Have I not done more for you than any other man ever would have?”

Just as you open your mouth to respond, he jumps up from his seat and begins pacing from wall to wall. You take a moment to observe him, to look at his tightly clenched fists. To look at the firm scowl set into his face. To look into his eyes, empty and distant. You bite your tongue and listen as he continues.

“I’ve never raised my voice to you. I’ve never hit you. I’ve cooked for you, cleaned for you. I take you out.Hell, I eat you out whenever you want me to! How the fuck could you do me like this?!”

You aren’t quite sure how to respond to that, but you do know that you should avoid your first inclination…

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