Misogynists guide for arguing intellectually with Men

If you are a woman and believe yourself intellectual enough to hold a proper debate with men, you will have to read this.We don't want you to commit a faux pas on our watch!


Why she stays.

Gender-based violence is a vice that has continuously gripped the nation. Every week there is a case of someone who beat his wife or stabbed them to death. This past week we have seen two cases on the same 1) a clip of a woman being dragged into a dark room and beaten senseless by … Continue reading Why she stays.

Good cooking does not guarantee good marriages!

Then one day you meet him - the good husband. One taste of your wicked chicken stew is enough for him to want to marry you. You are ecstatic.  The stories were all true. You want to show him off to your friends. To yell at the top of your voice what good cooking can do!

Petition to get Bi Mswafari off our TV screens!!!

When you have your job you can take a pick at your own personal slave. Be careful not to get someone like Mary who will have a decent conversation with you about life and death. No. Find a woman who makes you feel like a king. Who takes your wish to be her command. A woman who will have enough time to come home before you and prepare a meal fit for a king while you put your legs up and watch TV