Msimu Zangu-Andanje Chapter

#‚ÄéMisimuZangu Challenge When I was nominated for this I knew it was probably going to be one of the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I thought of things to say and discarded ideas halfway. Some were too personal; some were too glossed over while some were just too stupid. I want you … Continue reading Msimu Zangu-Andanje Chapter



I have a weird recurring nightmare about my worst date. I would walk into the restaurant clutching my handbag on one hand and my coat on the other. I would probably call my date to pinpoint the exact location he would be seated. Hopefully next to a window. The warm orange walls and hushed banter … Continue reading I WILL HAVE STRIPPERS WITH MY FRIES

The Whispering Trees

The Whispering Trees by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim My rating: 4 of 5 stars I have a throne section in my house for African writers. I put my greatest reads on this section and wait for a dethroning. Well, the Whispering trees just dethroned most African books I have read so far. Have you ever read … Continue reading The Whispering Trees